MR. C.

Mr. C., a laborer who suffered a horrific construction accident.

Mr. C. received a seven digit settlement, triple what the insurance company initially offered.

Mr. C., a born and raised New Yorker of Puerto Rican descent, worked for a demolition company hired to gut a space for an incoming commercial business. This was not Mr. C’s first demolition, but it would be his last.

While Mr. C. was working in the basement level of an elevator shaft, another company was working in the same elevator shaft four stories up. The crew above him was using the wrong tool for the job. Without warning, a ten-pound sledge hammer came crashing down, striking Mr. C. on the shoulder and the forearm.

The physical damage done to Mr. C.’s forearm was extensive. He required numerous surgeries to repair the damage. His pain and suffering compounded by the skin grafts that were required to close the large gash to his arm.

After spending weeks in the hospital and undergoing several surgical interventions, Mr. C. was released from the hospital. His first stop was to Helen F. Dalton and Associates, P.C. for legal representation.

With multiple defendants sharing the defense and bouncing responsibilty around like a hot potato, litigation would be anything but easy. But Helen Dalton and her staff were as always up to the challenge. From litigation to mediation to going all the way to trial, nothing was off the table. Ultimately, Helen F. Dalton was able to obtain over triple what the insurance companies were offering Mr. C. to settle his claim.

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