MR. F.

Mr. F., an immigrant looking for the American Dream plunges 30 feet.

Mr. F., received six times what the insurance company wanted to offer him.

Mr. F., came to the United States with his family looking for a better life for wife and kids. As many people find out, starting from scratch in a new country, not speaking the language is no easy task. Mr. F., a hard working Ecuadorian was one of the lucky ones who quickly found a job. What Mr. F. didn’t know, was that his employer was a construction company that liked to cut corner to save a buck.

On a chilly fall morning Mr. F. was working on a commercial building’s roof that needed to be covered in tar. Part of the work ordered, was a replacement of all of the skylights. This was nothing new to Mr. F, who had worked on roofing in his native Ecuador. He knew that when the skylights are removed they are covered in steel plates that support the laborers while they are covering the roof. This would not be the case here.

The day of his fall was no different than any other day. The hot tar machine was lit and bubbling, the tools were laid out, and Mr. F. was ready to start. While walking from the tar machine to the area he would begin working Mr. F. walked onto what he believed to be a steal plate. It would be many days later in the intensive care unit that he learned that the steal plate was actually a one quarter inch rotted plywood painted black. Plywood is cheaper than steal.

The only steal Mr. F would feel, would be the one implanted into his hip and pelvis to rebuild it. Mr. F. broke his pelvis in half and shattered his hip.

From his hospital bed Mr. F. retained Helen F. Dalton and Associates, P.C. to fight for his rights. Spearheaded by her senior managing attorney Mr. Roman Avshalumov, who is an expert in labor laws, Mr. F. received a settlement that would ensure that he and his family would be able to live the American Dream he worked so hard to attain.

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