MR. R.

Mr. R. was a bicyclist who was struck by a motor vehicle.

Mr. R. received over 40 times the insurance company’s initial offer of settlement.

On a warm mid July day, Mr. R. went out as he so often did on beautiful days.  Mr. R. had no idea that on this day he was on track to meet with a life altering event.

Mr. R. was taking a leisurely ride on his bicycle when a careless and reckless driver changed things for him forever.  Mr. R. never saw it coming.  The force of the impact from the car sent Mr. R. airborn, causing him to impact his head against the ground. The momentum caused him to tumble on the ground and severely break his left leg.

Mr. R. suffered brain swelling and cranial hemorrhage that led to brain damage. The leg injury required skeletal traction pins placed during a complicated surgical intervention. Mr. R. would never be the same again.

A month after his life shattering accident he retained Helen F. Dalton and Associates, P.C. to fight for his rights.

Helen F. Dalton, in her first meeting with the R.’s family, wrote “you could see and feel their pain and suffering. Throughout our meeting she gazes into the air as tears flowed down her cheek.” The brain damage left Mr. R. virtually unable to communicate.

Seeing their pain and suffering, Helen F. Dalton returned to her office determined to get the R. family the compensation they deserve. With veracity and tenacity Helen F. Dalton drafted the legal documents to begin a long and well-fought litigation battle.

Complaint filed and defendants named, she hit the ground running. The next three years were spent drafting and arguing motions, debating the finer points of applicable law, defending an innocents family’s rights whose life was just turned upside down, and finally reaching a settlement that was fair and just.

Nothing can bring back Mr. R’s quality of life, but Helen F. Dalton and Associates, P.C. was able to make his life less financially burdensome and give Mr. R. the peace of mind to know that both he and his family would be taken care of.

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